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PRP in Seattle’s injectors work under the supervision of our board-certified physicians and have received rigorous training on PRP hair restoration and injectable treatments. Our qualified PRP providers understand the nuance it takes to inject correctly and with precision to promote the best results.

Additionally, our injectors come from a variety of medical backgrounds and training. Our well-rounded team work together and pool their knowledge. Allowing them to offer their premier services to patients in the Seattle, Bellevue, and Kirkland areas.

Our Injectors often perform your PRP treatment from beginning to finish. As Physician Assistants or Registered Nurses, they can draw your blood, prepare the PRP, and then carefully inject the PRP.

At PRP in Seattle, platelet rich plasma is an intricate and careful process that requires multiple treatments and a customized protocol to yield the best results. We do not simply offer PRP based treatments, we cater them to you and your needs.

PRP Injection Services With Qualified Injectors:

In a consultation, you can expect to be asked about your goals, medical history, and undergo a brief examination. This will allow your injector to determine if you are a candidate for PRP injections. If you are a candidate for the specific product or procedure you’re interested in, our injectors can often begin your treatment during the same appointment as your consultation.

Compared to our cosmetic surgeons, our injectors typically have more availability to serve your platelet rich plasma injection needs. However, our board-certified cosmetic surgeons trained all of our PRP injectors and they offer satisfying results using modern techniques.

Call us at (206) 279-2112 to schedule your appointment with one of our licensed injectors. Or, alternatively, you can contact us online.

PRP For Tear Troughs Case #1

This 43-year-old patient wanted to address her under eye bags and darkness. Injector Lynda used PRP to fill in the area and promote collagen. Photos show after 3 injection sessions.

PRP For Tear Troughs Case #2

This 28-year-old patient wanted to get rid of her under eye bags and chose to undergo PRP For Tear Trough injections with Injector Lynda.