PRP And Hair Restoration

Platelet Rich Plasma technology has become one of the newest and most effective treatments for hair loss. Whether used on it’s own, to supplement other procedures, or in combination with other therapies, PRP therapy has shown great results for restoring hair.

At PRP In Seattle, we offer three main hair restoration options that utilize Platelet Rich Plasma: PRP, stem cell, and PRP with ACell.

All three methods are non-invasive injection techniques that require no hair grafting or incisions. These radical, new options leaves the invasive hair transplants in the past. You no longer need to undergo a full surgical procedure to have a full head of hair.


PRP hair restoration uses platelet rich plasma to stimulate collagen production, follicle repair, and hair growth in the injected area. Most commonly performed on the scalp, it is possible to perform nearly anywhere you want to see hair growth. This method only utilizes PRP, but it stimulates new hair and is great for people who are beginning to lose their hair.

PRP With ACell Hair Restoration:

PRP with ACell hair restoration combines the power of PRP with the building blocks of ACell. ACell is a type of stem cell harvested from pig bladders. It can enrich the skin of your scalp while PRP fertilizes the hair growth. Like PRP, this method uses injections and is a non-surgical procedure. 

Stem Cell Hair Restoration:

Stem cell hair restoration works like PRP with Acell, except that it combine donated stem cells from placenta with PRP. This injection treatment can provide a good chance at seeing new hair growth. The stem cells also work with your body to support healthy, long lasting hair.

Our injectors can work with you to determine which platelet rich plasma hair technique will benefit you most. Every patient has a unique scalp and hair loss needs. We offer a variety of non-surgical options to address your hair loss without surgery or downtime.

PRP Hair Restoration Case #1

This is a 36-year-old woman who desired a fuller hair line. I performed Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections throughout the hair line, which has gradually led to more fullness as seen here 3 months later.

PRP With ACell Case #1

This 24-year-old male patient wanted to address his pre-mature balding. Injector Lynda used PRP and ACell to promote new hair growth. After just 5 months of treatment, he has seen incredible results.

PRP Hair Restoration Case #2

This is a 35-year-old male who on examination, he was losing hair in the frontal temporal, and crown. The results above are after 6 PRP with A-Cell treatments.

PRP With ACell Case #3

This woman was interested in treating the areas in which her hair was thinning. We successfully performed 6 hair PRP treatments with A-cell and she’s happy with the results she’s seen!

PRP With ACell Case #4

This is a 28 year old woman who was interested in treating the hair loss she has been experiencing. We successfully performed 6 hair PRP treatments with A-cell and have seen a significant change!

PRP With ACell Case #5

This is a 26-year-old male who had hair thinning in the occipital, crown parietal and temporal regions. The before and after are after 6 sessions of PRP with A-Cell treatment.

PRP With ACell Case #6

This is a 36 year old man who was interested in treating his thinning hair. We successfully performed 6 hair PRP treatments with A-cell and have seen a great change.

PRP With ACell Case #7

This 28-year old woman was interested in having hair PRP treatments to help the hair loss she had experienced. We successfully completed 6 PRP treatments with A-cell.

PRP With ACell Case #8

Patient is a 36-year-old male who came to us with concerns about hair loss. He elected for a series of PRP + ACell treatments over an 8 month period. Results show drastic improvement after 6 treatment sessions.

PRP With Placenta Case #1

This 37-year-old patient was beginning to experience the early signs of hair loss and had visible bald spots. Dr. Sajan performed 6 PRP hair restoration procedures to promote new healthy hair growth. The patient is happy with his results so far and feels confident wearing his hair in a shorter style.

PRP With ACell Case #9

This patient was experiencing the early signs of female pattern baldness. Since she was young and the hair loss was mild, she started with non-surgical hair restoration. After 6 sessions of PRP with ACell injections the patient could not be happier with her results.