For anyone experiencing hair loss or thinning hair, assessing your hair restoration options can be a frustrating and arduous task. Between hair transplanting, over the counter products, and other hair restoration methods on the market, choosing the one right for you is difficult without the guidance of a seasoned professional. The expert PRP providers at Seattle Plastic Surgery can help you. With knowledge and training in hair restoration procedures, they use cutting edge technology to stimulate hair growth using a combination of your own growth proteins and manufactured stem cells. Seattle Plastic Surgery offers PRP with ACell restoration for patients in the Seattle, Bellevue, and Kirkland areas.


PRP with ACell hair restoration works by using your body’s healing response to repair and stimulate hair follicles. One of the main causes of hair loss is the shrinking of hair follicles and the loss of blood vessels in the scalp. Combining platelet rich plasma and Acell helps repair these shrunken hair follicles and regrow new ones. As well as, triggering the formation of new blood vessels and tissue to nourish the roots of your new hair.

Platelet Rich Plasma:

Platelet Rich Plasma is a regenerative treatment used in the cosmetic and physical therapy fields to help promote new cell growth. PRP comes from your blood and is rich in growth hormones and white blood cells. During your PRP with ACell hair restoration in Seattle, we will draw your blood sample and use a state-of-the-art centrifuge to isolate the PRP.

When used in regenerative treatments such as microneedling with PRP or hair restoration, PRP stimulates the repair of cells and the production of new ones. In PRP with ACell hair restoration, PRP helps reduce miniaturized hair follicles by stimulating your body to repair them with natural growth factors. This sets the stage for brand new hair growth in the thinning and lost areas.


ACell is a type of stem cell produced from pig bladders. This tissue is chemically similar to human tissue and often compatible. Surgeons use this type of stem cell in a variety of ways including to help heal wounds and burns. ACell contains high amounts of macrophages and fibroblasts which will work with the white blood cells your body sends to the site. 

In the case of your provider, they will use these stem cells to promote the rejuvenation of your hair follicles and scalp. With optimal treatment and result, the ACell can act like new skin and tissue which provides an ample environment for your new hair growth. 

Benefits Of Stem Cells

Like mentioned above, when the stem cells latch onto your scalp, they can stimulate the growth of new blood vessels in the scalp. Blood vessels provide nourishment for the skin of your scalp and new hair growth. There is evidence to support that those with hair loss often have fewer blood vessels in their scalp, which may contribute to the original hair loss. The ACell helps combat this by stimulating the growth of new blood vessels in the scalp. This increases blood flow and vessels. 

Stem cells essentially rebuild the foundation of your scalp, making it stronger and better fortified for new hair growth. PRP with ACell hair restoration in Bellevue has grown in popularity due to its powerful healing properties that contribute to cell regeneration, which in turn, promotes hair growth. PRF hair restoration is also an option that uses your body’s stem cells.

Interested in PRP With ACell Hair Restoration?

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    At PRP In Seattle, we want to provide you with the best possible results from your Seattle PRP with ACell hair restoration. This is why we combine these two hair restoration methods to give your hair the optimal environment to come back. If the stem cells provide the foundation for your new hair, then PRP is the fertilizer that stimulates hair growth.

    When these two successful regenerative treatments are used concurrently, they create an ecosystem for your hair that is rich in growth hormones, white blood cells, proteins, and new skin cells. Your Seattle hair restoration provider will determine the best course of action for your hair restoration procedure. As a non-invasive, injectable treatment, most patients seeking a hair restoration are good candidates for PRP with ACell hair restoration and the regenerative benefits.


    Anyone with hair loss may find benefits in Seattle PRP with ACell hair restoration. While it will depend on the cause of your hair loss, most people suffering from hair loss can find some results from PRP with ACell hair restoration. If you are bald or have complete hair loss, this hair restoration treatment may not be recommended. Your Seattle provider will determine if this type of hair restoration could benefit you.

    Because the procedure requires a blood draw to create the PRP, you need to be healthy enough and able to give blood. Blood or certain autoimmune disorders may complicate this aspect of your Bellevue hair restoration treatment. It is important to provide your provider with a full medical history so that they can determine if PRP with ACell hair restoration is the right hair treatment for you.


    Your Seattle provider will begin your procedure by drawing your blood to begin processing the PRP. The PRP is spun in a centrifuge to separate the PRP from other components of blood. This takes about twenty minutes and during this time a topical anesthetic is applied to your scalp. By the time the PRP is ready, the anesthetic should take effect and your provider will mix the PRP and stem cells together. 

    Using a short needle, your provider will begin injecting the PRP and ACell mixture into your scalp. They will precisely inject in the areas of thinning and hair loss, tailoring your treatment to you during the procedure. This custom approach allows you to get the most out of your injectable hair restoration in Seattle. 

    Because of the topical anesthetic, you should not feel any pain during the procedure. You will remain fully alert and awake during the procedure. The entire treatment takes around 1-2 hours depending upon the size of the treatment areas and your needs.


    PRP with ACell hair restoration in Kirkland is one among many hair restoration options. Hair grafting or hair transplant surgery entails taking hair from one place on the scalp (or from another part of the body) and transplanting it into the scalp. Hoping that it will grow and fill in the thinning or balding area. Normally, these treatments don’t include any stimulation in generating new hair, simply transplanting the hair in thin strips. 

    Hair transplant works for some patients, but others continue to experience hair loss and the grafted hair does not take off. For these patients, PRP with ACell hair restoration may be a better option because it stimulates hair growth from inside the hair follicles themselves. 

    PRP with ACell hair restoration does not require hair grafting which means the hair generated from the procedure is entirely new hair. It also lowers the risk and invasiveness of the procedure.

    Hair grafting comes with the risk of scarring and because PRP with ACell hair restoration does not require an incision of any kind, there is very little risk for scarring. The needle pricks are small and most of the time do not produce any visible or long term scarring.

    Non-surgical hair restoration can improve the results of hair transplant surgery. It helps your scalp heal better, may promote quicker results, and often improves the density and thickness of the hair. Non-surgical injections can also increase the survivability of the grafts and hair retention.


    Along with the growth of new hair and the repair of hair follicles, Kirkland PRP with ACell hair restoration holds many benefits. First, PRP with ACell hair restoration is a non-invasive and low risk procedure. Injectables–of any kind–are usually safe for healthy patients. With the help of topical anesthetics, the procedure is painless and requires no downtime. 

    Although, your specific health and needs may warrant taking it easy for a short period after treatment. Even so, with no surgery or incisions, your side effects should subside quickly. Before you leave our office, your provider will give you a personalized aftercare plan.

    At PRP In Seattle, each PRP with ACell hair restoration treatment is different and customized to fit your needs. Your provider will listen to your concerns and desires for your procedure. That way they can make sure the procedure is designed especially to fit your hair and goals.

    Benefits you may enjoy after injection hair restoration treatment in Kirkland:

    • Natural hair growth
    • Repair of hair follicles
    • Growth of new blood vessels in the scalp
    • Healthier hair growth
    • Increased self esteem


    Immediately after your procedure, your scalp may feel tender and sore for a few days. However, you can continue on with your everyday routine as soon as you leave our office. You can take pain medications approved by your Seattle provider if needed.

    Since it is a non-invasive procedure that usually requires no downtime, there are no specific recovery instructions. While your Seattle provider may give you individualized instructions based on your medical history or custom procedure, you can expect no extensive recovery period. 

    As mentioned above, you may feel some pain or tightness in your scalp for a few days after your PRP with ACell hair restoration injections. You should not feel any major pain. Your provider will advise you on at home remedies and over-the-counter medications to handle any discomfort you could experience after PRP with ACell hair restoration in Seattle.

    When Can I Expect Results?

    With any hair restoration procedure, it will take time to see the final results. It’s possible to see results in 1-3 months, but on average patients see their Seattle PRP with ACell hair restoration results in around 4-8 months. Some patients choose to have another treatment around six months later to prolong and improve their results. 

    Depending on the state of your hair thinning and loss you may not require more than one treatment. Your provider can give you a general idea of how many treatments you may need once they understand your needs.

    Can I Return To Work The Same Day?

    Your hair restoration treatment will take 1-2 hours including the blood draw and numbing time. After that, there are generally no restrictions on activities afterward. While this will vary depending upon your general health and needs, your provider will explain any downtime or restrictions required for you.

    In most cases, there is no downtime needed during your PRP with ACell hair restoration recovery. So, yes, while you may deal with some minor discomfort the day of your procedure. Most patients can continue working and daily activities.


    A package of six treatments starts at $4,000. Our providers typically favor a six treatment schedule as this protocol has yielded the best results for hair restoration patients. In general, our providers recommend a maintenance treatment once a year to continue the improvement of your results.

    Our pricing includes the operating room fees, anesthetics, and the basic materials for the procedure. Prescriptions or additional products are not included in pricing (unless otherwise specified).

    Hair restoration treatments are available with one of our licensed injectors for a lower cost. Our injectors train under our licensed and talented providers to refine their injection techniques and help you see natural hair growth that lasts.

    Seattle Plastic Surgery works with outside financing companies: Care Credit and Alphaeon Credit. They can help make your Seattle hair restoration procedure work for your budget.


    PRP In Seattle helps you restore lost hair and grow new hair follicles to prevent future loss. We want you to reach your hair loss goals and make every effort to provide individualized, compassionate care. With providers who have years of experience in hair restoration, we constantly refine our methods to promote the best results. 

    Every part of your hair restoration treatment is tailored to address you and your specific hair loss. Whether it’s bald spots, male pattern baldness, or general thinning, PRP with ACell hair restoration can help grow new hair.

    PRP In Seattle has provided patients from all over the US and abroad with skillful and exceptional PRP treatments. With a calming environment, we work to ensure your comfort and safety through the entire procedure. 

    Your Consultation

    During a hair restoration consultation at PRP In Seattle, your provider will listen to your concerns about your hair, take your medical history, and ask questions about your goals for the procedure. Finally, they will physically examine your hair and scalp to determine if you are a viable candidate for PRP with ACell hair therapy in Seattle.

    They will then lead you through the various hair restoration options PRP In Seattle offers and advise you on which one could best fit your needs and health. To end the consultation, they will help you create a customized plan for your PRP with ACell hair restoration in Seattle.

    To schedule a free consultation at PRP In Seattle, call us at (206) 279-2112 or contact online using the form above.

    Real Patients

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    This is a 36-year-old woman who desired a fuller hair line. I performed Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections throughout the hair line, which has gradually led to more fullness as seen here 3 months later.

    PRP Hair Restoration Case #3

    This is a 35-year-old male who on examination, he was losing hair in the frontal temporal, and crown. The results above are after 6 PRP with A-Cell treatments.

    PRP With ACell Case #3

    This woman was interested in treating the areas in which her hair was thinning. We successfully performed 6 hair PRP treatments with A-cell and she’s happy with the results she’s seen!

    PRP With ACell Case #4

    This is a 28 year old woman who was interested in treating the hair loss she has been experiencing. We successfully performed 6 hair PRP treatments with A-cell and have seen a significant change!

    PRP With ACell Case #5

    This is a 26-year-old male who had hair thinning in the occipital, crown parietal and temporal regions. The before and after are after 6 sessions of PRP with A-Cell treatment.

    PRP With ACell Case #6

    This is a 36 year old man who was interested in treating his thinning hair. We successfully performed 6 hair PRP treatments with A-cell and have seen a great change.

    PRP With ACell Case #7

    This 28-year old woman was interested in having hair PRP treatments to help the hair loss she had experienced. We successfully completed 6 PRP treatments with A-cell.

    PRP With ACell Case #8

    Patient is a 36-year-old male who came to us with concerns about hair loss. He elected for a series of PRP + ACell treatments over an 8 month period. Results show drastic improvement after 6 treatment sessions.

    PRP With ACell Case #9

    This patient was experiencing the early signs of female pattern baldness. Since she was young and the hair loss was mild, she started with non-surgical hair restoration. After 6 sessions of PRP with ACell injections the patient could not be happier with her results.