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A full rear end has become one of the most sought after beauty standards of the 21st century. Not everyone is naturally born with a flattering backside or the ability to exercise to achieve a more flattering contour. It is not accessible to everyone. So, for the fuller and more voluptuous backside you have considered or decided to have, it’s time to speak with Seattle’s Brazilian Butt Lift specialists, Dr. Craig Jonov and Dr. Javad Sajan. Dr. Jonov and Dr. Sajan offer the non-surgical Brazilian butt lift to the Seattle, Bellevue, and Kirkland areas.

As a board-certified cosmetic surgeons, Dr. Jonov and Dr. Sajan can create the round, ample and fuller backside you desire. Providing the most innovative procedures for patients throughout the greater Seattle area, Dr. Jonov and Dr. Sajan offers a comprehensive and effective Brazilian butt lift procedure, that will be aesthetically pleasing for years to come.

What happens on the day of my Zombie BBL?

On the day of your Zombie non-surgical BBL, you will have the opportunity to ask any additional questions you have. Your cosmetic surgeon will once again go over the customized plan for your procedure. Additionally, before the procedure, he may make marks to guide him. This allows him to keep your desired results in mind. 

Before Treatment

Before commencing with treatment, your cosmetic surgeon will apply our proprietary topical anesthetic at the injection sites along with oral medications. This ensures your comfort. You will remain awake for your zombie non-surgical Brazilian Butt Lift.  Your blood will be drawn and the Platelet Rich Plasma created. Your cosmetic surgeon will then carefully combine the PRP with cadaver fat, filler, and growth factors derived from pig bladders. Creating the specialized zombie BBL formulation. This typically takes place while you are becoming numb. 

Based on the numbing option, it can take up to 45 minutes to become fully numb in preparation for the procedure. At PRP In Seattle, we offer a proprietary numbing technique designed to complement the zombie BBL and keep you comfortable. Most patients remain awake for the procedure. Although, you can choose to take a light sedative under Dr. Jonov’s and Dr, Sajan’s instructions if you choose.

During Treatment

Your cosmetic surgeon will then carefully perform the injections at the planned and marked sites. The amount of time your zombie BBL takes to perform will depend on what you want from your results and other factors of your body, goals, and health. When he finishes, Dr. Jonov or Dr Sajan will explain your customized recovery protocol. As a non-surgical procedure, you can go home to relax soon after your procedure is finished.

After Treatment

Once they complete the procedure, you can go home the same day. Depending on the specifics of your non-surgical BBL, you may need a caretaker for the first 24 hours. Regardless, you will likely need someone to drive you home. 

You should see some immediate results. Based on the size of zombie BBL you chose, you can expect to see between a 20-40% enhancement. Every patient will respond differently to treatment. Therefore, results from a non-surgical Brazilian butt lift will differ from person to person. 

Your cosmetic surgeon will give you your personalized recovery protocol. You may or may not require pain medication. When it comes to side effects, you may experience bruising, swelling, redness, and itching. Usually, these side effects are concentrated near or around the injection sites.

Dr. Jonov and Dr. Sajan will ask you to refrain from sitting on your butt for the first 24 hours after the procedure. This allows the filler and PRP to settle well and begin working to stimulate collagen growth.

Interested in the non-surgical zombie BBL?

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    How long will my Butt Lift last?

    Immediately after your zombie BBL procedure, you will notice that your backside looks larger and fuller. This may even cause your other proportions to look different. Such as, your waist may look smaller and your hips in better proportion to your butt. You can expect swelling to continue over the coming weeks. It should begin to subside slowly as you heal and the filler settles. It may take up to two months to see your final results.

    Unlike a regular Brazilian butt lift surgery, the PRP injected with dead fat will stimulate the production of collagen and fat. You may continue to see your results improve over the coming months as the swelling reduces and collagen production increases. Additional procedures can further your butt enhancement through the continued stimulation of the area. At your consultation, you can discuss the size increase and shape differences you desire.

    What Impacts My Results Over Time?

    With proper care and examinations with Dr. Jonov, the results of your BBL will last for years to come. Many factors can contribute to the length of time you enjoy your results. With optimal treatment and lifestyle, your zombie non-surgical Brazilian butt lift can last a lifetime. Significant weight loss or gain can compromise the results of your zombie BBL. Additionally, every one’s body is different and will have different reactions to the procedure. Factors like exercise habits, metabolism, age, and how much you sit, will impact how long your results last.

    Will I Need Multiple Procedures?

    Since filler is part of the recipe for a zombie Brazilian butt lift, that aspect is temporary. This is why at PRP in Seattle, we combine dermal fillers with PRP to promote collagen and lasting results. Some patients may require multiple procedures to see the results they want. 

    Whether you need more than one procedure will depend on the results you want and how you respond to treatment. At your consultation, Dr. Jonov can discuss this possibility with you and your Brazilian butt lift options. 

    Compared to other non-surgical Brazilian butt lifts, the PRP in the zombie BBL promotes longer lasting results. It does this through using dead fat and platelet rich plasma which stimulate collagen growth to naturally plump your behind. Even during a Brazilian butt lift surgery, transferred fat may not attach. A zombie non-surgical Brazilian butt lift gives you among the best chances with a non-surgical butt lift.


    Every zombie BBL patient will have an individualized recovery based on their needs, health, and goals. However, Dr. Jonov and Dr. Sajan do have general guidance for those recovering from a zombie non-surgical BBL in Seattle.

    You or a caregiver will be instructed on the massage protocol that allows for more comfort and settle results optimally. Otherwise, you should recover quickly. Most patients return to work within a couple days, sometimes less. Since no liposuction or surgical procedure is involved, recovery after a zombie Brazilian butt lift is quicker than a traditional BBL.


    PRP In Seattle is the premier stop for platelet rich plasma related procedures in the Greater Seattle area, including Bellevue and Kirkland. Our board-certified cosmetic surgeons have experience with various uses of platelet rich plasma and the benefits it can offer you.

    Dr. Jonov has operated in the Seattle area for over a decade. He has built a reputation for offering the best injectable products in the area, including PRP based treatments and therapies. Dr. Sajan created the zombie non-surgical Brazilian butt lift and perfected the technique. They will help you build an individualized zombie BBL plan that addresses your cosmetic goals.


    The zombie Brazilian butt lift varies in price depending upon the immediate results you want to see. Medium enhancement, or 20-35% immediate enhancement, begins at $6,000. A 30-45% difference starts at $9,000 and an attempted 40% or more enhancement will start at $12,000.

    All of our prices include the cost of the procedure, the materials, facility fees, and the topical anesthetic. They can fluctuate based on individual goals and needs. You can find more information on our price list.

    PRP in Seattle does not offer financing in-house. However, we do work with outside financing companies like Alphaeon and Care Credit to help provide affordable financing for your procedure.

    Your Consultation

    In your consultation with Dr. Jonov, he will start by asking about your goals and initial interest for the procedure. Next, he will take your medical history so that he can understand your overall health and needs. This includes medications and supplements you take, previous surgeries, and any medical conditions.

    Finally, he will conduct a physical exam of your butt and surrounding areas. Once he garners an idea of what you want from your zombie BBL and your health, he will determine if you are a good candidate for a zombie Brazilian butt lift in Seattle. Importantly, this will allow him to know if a zombie BBL can offer you the results you want.

    To schedule your consultation with Dr. Sajan or Dr. Jonov at PRP in Seattle, call us at (206) 279-2112. Or, contact us online using the form on this page.


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    This is a very pleasant woman who wanted a zombie Brazilian Butt Lift. On examination, she has gluteal hypoplasia. We successfully completed a full zombie brazilian butt lift and she is very happy with the results!

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    This female patient wanted to enhance the shape and size of her booty. Using my proprietary recipe, I performed my Zombie Brazilian butt lift to give her the shape and size she desired.