Radiofrequency Microneedling With Platelet Rich Plasma

Aging and skin damage are two of the most common concerns our providers hear. While many procedures can treat each, the best procedures can treat both aging and damaged skin. In addition, our master estheticians combined powerful, medical grade skincare with platelet rich plasma to improve results. One way our master estheticians effectively treat aging, damaged, and sagging skin is by combining radiofrequency microneedling with platelet rich plasma. PRP In Seattle provides the best RF microneedling with PRP.

Overview: What Is Microneedling?

Microneedling is a medical grade skincare procedure that involves creating microscopic punctures in the skin. The abrasions are not visible after the procedure, but they induce a collagen response similar to how a typical wound would. This helps reduce, treat, and prevent skin damage and aging.

Sometimes called collagen induction therapy, microneedling performed on its own is a powerful treatment that does not come with the risk of hyperpigmentation that chemical peels or laser resurfacing do. It is also viable for all skin types and tones. This makes it an ideal procedure for most people and it is extremely versatile and can be built off of easily.

Both radiofrequency and platelet rich plasma are often added to microneedling. However, it is possible to use radiofrequency and platelet rich plasma in conjunction with microneedling for the best results. Not only does this address issues such as sun damage, but it can also promote skin tightening, a reduction in acne scars, and much more.

Benefits Of Radiofrequency

The easiest way to understand radiofrequency is that it is a low level electromagnetic current. It is not strong enough to shock your body but can create controlled damage to the skin. When used with microneedling, radiofrequency can penetrate deeper than the microneedles which allow for more extensive repair of damaged and aged skin. 

Some of the skin benefits of radiofrequency are:

  • Promotes skin tightening
  • Improve skin elasticity
  • Firm facial tissues
  • Reduce fines lines and wrinkles
  • Increases collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid production
  • Treats the deeper layers of skin
  • Prevent and treat future and current sun damage
  • Create a smoother skin texture
  • Results last longer than traditional skincare treatments
  • Improves skin tone
  • Safe

Benefits Of Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet rich plasma, often called PRP, is a growth factor derived from blood. Whenever you undergo a PRP procedure, a small sample of blood is drawn and spun in a centrifuge. This isolated the plasma that is especially rich from platelets from the rest of the components of your blood.

PRP is in its highest concentrations when healing a wound. Therefore, when added to a microneedling procedure, the increased presence of PRP signals that healing should occur. This healing process that PRP stimulates has benefits such as:

  • Reduce the appearance of acne scars
  • Promotes better moisture retention
  • Improves the appearance of wrinkles
  • Treats rough skin tone and uneven complexion
  • Effects continue and improve for weeks after treatment
  • Allergic reactions are nearly impossible
  • Safe and used in medicine for decades
  • Soften stretch marks
  • Reduce surgical scars

Conditions Treated With RF Microneedling With PRP

RF microneedling is an ideal treatment for many people with various conditions and concerns. Your master esthetician will discuss the best treatments for you based on your skin quality, medical history, and the amount of damage present. Some of the skin conditions and situations where your master esthetician will recommend RF microneedling with PRP include:

  • Acne scars
  • Stretch marks
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Large pores
  • Cystic acne
  • Redness
  • Inflammation (depending on the cause)
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Rough skin texture
  • Uneven skin tone

Your master esthetician may also recommend other treatments such as chemical peels, oxygen facials, or under eye PRP injections to rejuvenate your skin and help you get the best results.

Before & After RF Microneedling With PRP


First, you will meet with a master esthetician at PRP In Seattle to discuss your goals for treatment. They may also ask you questions about your medical history, any skin conditions you may have, lifestyle, and other factors. Finally, they will briefly examine the skin to determine thickness, quality, skin type, and the areas that require the most treatment.

After this, they will discuss their recommended treatment plan customized for you and your skin. This may include RF microneedling with PRP. If it does, they will walk you through the procedure and provide the advised number of treatments. Since it is a longer procedure, it is not often performed on the same day as the consultation.


At your first Seattle RF microneedling with PRP session, you will first have your blood drawn. Then, as the PRP is isolated, your master esthetician will cleanse your face and apply topical numbing cream. This will set for between ten and thirty minutes. Once adequately numb and your PRP finishes spinning, they will remove the numbing cream and start the treatment.

Your master esthetician will apply the PRP to your face. Using the microneedling pen, they will create controlled damage in the surface of your skin. Simultaneously, the radiofrequency will penetrate deeper into the skin. You should feel little to no discomfort during the process.

As they move the microneedling device across your face, your master esthetician may adjust the settings of the microneedles and radiofrequency. This is to treat specific concerns or features of the skin in various areas. The entire procedure once it begins takes around an hour.


For the days following your RF microneedling with PRP treatment, your face may appear red and feel like a sunburn. The pain should not be excruciating and can be managed with Tylenol and potentially moisturizer after the first day or so. Some side effects that can occur, but are generally normal include:

  • Redness
  • Minor irritation
  • Pinpoint bleeding (usually only in the hours immediately following treatment)
  • Mild skin peeling
  • Skin tightness
  • Bruising (rare but can occur and should not be major)
  • Minor swelling

If you have any major side effects or if side effects last more than two weeks, discuss this with your master esthetician. Otherwise, they will recommend staying out of the sun while healing, always wearing sun protection, and avoiding makeup and certain products for a short period of time after the procedure.

A Before photo of Microneedling With PRP by Master Esthetician Kyla in Seattle, Bellevue, and Kirkland


An After photo of Microneedling With PRP by Master Esthetician Kyla in Seattle, Bellevue, and Kirkland


Frequently Asked Questions

Does It Work For All Skin Types And Tones?

Yes, since radiofrequency is not a laser and no chemicals are applied to the skin, RF microneedling with PRP Is perfectly safe for all skin types and tones. If you have particularly sensitive skin, you may experience worsened irritation afterward. However, your master esthetician can also likely alter the settings to treat more sensitive skin.

What Are The Risks Of RF Microneedling With PRP?

Overall, RF microneedling with PRP comes with very few risks. If a complication occurs, it is often temporary and treatable. There are some medical conditions that can put you at a higher risk during treatment. Your master esthetician will evaluate your individual risks during a consultation. While rare, the risks include:

  • Inflammation
  • Infection
  • Prolonged or severe side effects
  • Acne flareups
  • Dry skin
  • Headaches
  • Cold sore flareup

Many of these complications can be prevented before treatment by disclosing known medical conditions and seeing a qualified provider. Long term complications are exceptionally rare.

How Does Platelet Rich Plasma Work?

When the body senses platelet rich plasma in the treatment area, it believes there is a wound that requires healing. This is because levels of platelets rise when an injury occurs. The body will then begin the healing process.

Since the body believes the wound is worse than it is, this leads to repairing skin concerns such as wrinkles, acne scars, and sun damage. This is why platelet rich plasma is so powerful for skin rejuvenation and collagen production.

What Is Radiofrequency?

Radiofrequency is a low level electrical current that uses a combination of heat and sound waves to tighten and create controlled damage to the skin. Like with PRP, it stimulates the healing process, but has the ability to reach deeper into the layers of skin than microneedling with PRP.

How Often Can I Get RF Microneedling With PRP?

Initially, it is common for patients to undergo one RF microneedling with PRP session every two to four months. After your initial round of treatment, you master esthetician may recommend once or twice year treatments. You can also cycle microneedling between other esthetic treatments based on your skincare plan.

The Best RF Microneedling With PRP In Seattle

PRP In Seattle is a clinic that provides the gold standard of cosmetic platelet rich plasma treatments. Administered by a dedicated team of plastic surgeons, aesthetic medicine physicians, nurses, and master estheticians, our PRP treatments are the best in the Greater Seattle area. Our professional, private clinic offers a safe and welcoming environment for the best RF microneedling with PRP Seattle and Tacoma offers.

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