The Zombie Laser Peel

is an innovative laser resurfacing treatment that utilizes laser beams to treat imperfections on the skin. It helps to restore your skin’s radiance and simultaneously encourages the smoothness of the fresh layer. The Zombie laser peel is designed to diminish the signs of aging and damaged skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, tighten pores, reduce acne scars and discoloration and remove dead skin cells from the superficial epidermal layer. It also stimulates new collagen growth, improves skin texture, and clears pores to help reduce blackheads.


The zombie laser peel is a proprietary PRP skin care treatment performed and created by master estheticians. A cutting edge and innovative way to use facial lasers, the zombie laser peel utilizes carbon and laser technology to provide intense benefits to your skin. 

Created in-house at PRP In Seattle, this laser peel is patient focused and designed with all skin types in mind. This treatment can combat aging and acne, a perfect all-in-one professional skin care procedure.

How Do Lasers Benefit The Skin?

Laser resurfacing is a popular procedure that works to remove dead and damaged skin. This can unclog pores, reduce the appearance of acne scars, smooth fine lines and wrinkles, and produce new collagen for bouncier, more youthful skin. 

Ablative and non-ablative lasers are commonly used in cosmetic procedures to provide a deep level of rejuvenation. The main difference between ablative and non-ablative is that one is surgical while the other is not. For some patients, an ablative laser may provide better and longer lasting results. However, for younger patients or those with less extensive skin damage, a non-ablative laser can provide great, anti-aging results that last a long time.

During the zombie laser peel, your master esthetician will use a powerful non-ablative laser. Combined with the carbon in the peel, the laser can specifically target dead skin, acne scarring, and sun damage.  

What Does PRP Add To The Zombie Laser Peel?

As part of the specially formulated zombie laser peel, platelet rich plasma supercharges the process. Chemical peels work by causing the top layer of your skin to peel, revealing fresh skin underneath. This fresh skin is often clearer and has a more even skin tone because it has not yet been exposed to the elements.

Platelet rich plasma enriches this process by helping your body respond faster to the peeling skin. Your body will heal the treated areas as the skin peels, but because of the presence of PRP, your body will react faster and produce collagen. Collagen can help provide your skin with a bouncier and softer look.

PRP helps replace your dead skin with brand new skin that is brighter, clearer, and smoother than before treatment. In addition to adding PRP to the treatment, your Seattle master esthetician will personalize your zombie laser peel to fit your skin and goals.

Interested in the Zombie Laser Peel?

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    How Does It Work?

    The Zombie Laser Peel works by applying a thin layer of carbon to the skin’s surface. The carbon particles absorb toxins and excess oils on the skin concurrently with providing a dark color to focus the laser’s energy. A focused laser beam is then aimed at the skin and a clicking sound can be heard during the treatment . This creates thermal energy within the skin, triggering the production of fresh collagen and a new, healthier layer of skin.

    Essentially, a laser peel combines a chemical peel with a laser resurfacing treatment. The zombie laser peel then adds platelet rich plasma to supercharge the process and aid your body in rejuvenating your skin. 

    What To Expect?

    The Zombie Peel is nearly pain free and requires zero downtime. It does not cause any pain and features only some discomfort, with only a minor sensation during the treatment. Therefore, you will be able to return to your daily routine immediately. For those with sensitive ears, we recommend bringing headphones to wear during the treatment.

    During your consultation, your master esthetician will give you specific preparation instructions based on your skin type and conditions. At PRP In Seattle, we want to keep you comfortable and confident in our procedures. We will make every possible accommodation during your zombie laser peel to make it work for you.

    Can I Combine It With Other Procedures?

    Yes, you can combine the zombie laser peel with other skincare treatments. In general, it is good practice to space out your professional esthetic treatments by at least two weeks or more. Based on the other procedures you are interested in, your master esthetician can judge if you are a good candidate for these treatments and work out a customized schedule.

    Some of the other skincare treatments our master estheticians are qualified to perform include:

    • Microneedling with PRP
    • Chemical Peels
    • Dermaplaning
    • Oxygen Facial
    • Other professional facials

    Benefits Of The Zombie Laser Peel

    The zombie laser peel has a multitude of skin benefits. Along with the general benefits of PRP, the laser peel can rejuvenate your skin using our proprietary recipe and methods. Some of the benefits you can see from the Kirkland zombie laser peel are:

    • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
    • Miniaturize pores
    • Lessen the appearance of acne scars
    • Correction of skin discoloration
    • Remove dead skin cells
    • Reduce acne frequency
    • Improve skin texture
    • Clear pores
    • Stimulate collagen growth

    These benefits, while great on their own, work together to create results that improve over time. Like with many PRP treatments, the collagen continues to form and bond with your skin for a time following treatment. Sometimes, you may see your results continue to improve months after your zombie laser peel.


    The zombie laser peel in Bellevue does not require a long term recovery. You can expect your skin to appear red and feel a little raw for a few days after treatment. Because the laser peel is similar to a chemical peel, you may experience some peeling. This is the dead skin coming off and revealing the fresh, new skin beneath. 

    Most patients return to their daily activities immediately following the procedure. Certain skin conditions could mean that you need to take additional steps to protect your skin. Your master esthetician will give you personalized directions meant to address your skin needs. 

    Generally, your master esthetician will advise you to limit or fully avoid sun exposure. You should also wear a daily SPF because your skin is more sensitive to UV rays during recovery. Even after your skin heals, wearing sunscreen everyday, year-round can contribute to younger, healthier skin.

    Who Can Get A Zombie Laser Peel?

    This treatment is safe for all skin types and most skin conditions. When it comes to any medical-grade skin treatment, you should use caution and consult with a qualified professional like our master estheticians. In general, most healthy people are good candidates for a zombie laser peel in Bellevue.

    Schedule a free consultation with one of our master estheticians to determine if you are right for the Zombie Laser Peel.


    The zombie laser peel in Seattle is $125 for one treatment in our state-of-the-art facility. These prices include the charge for the blood draw, facility fees, and the general procedure fee.

    All of our prices include the cost of treatment, facility fees, topical anesthetic (if necessary), and the materials needed for treatment. After a thorough consultation, your master esthetician will advise you to the best treatment plan for your specific skin care needs.


    The master estheticians at Seattle Plastic Surgery have taken an extra step in their education as estheticians. In addition to undergoing typical esthetician training, they took master’s courses to learn about skin conditions, diseases, medical terminology, and to perform more extensive procedures.

    Our master estheticians are among the most qualified in the Greater Seattle area to perform the zombie laser peel. With experience and knowledge about the benefits of PRP and the best way to administer treatment for individual skin types and conditions.

    Your Consultation

    In your consultation with one of our master estheticians, they will determine if you are a good candidate for the zombie laser peel. First, they will lead a conversation where they will inquire about your skin concerns and goals for your skin. Next, they will take your medical history, which will include questions that will indicate your skin type and issues.

    After this, they will conduct a physical exam of your skin and the treatment areas. Once our master estheticians know and understand your skin and goals, they will help you put together a custom zombie laser peel plan for you and your needs.

    To schedule your consultation with a master esthetician at Seattle Plastic Surgery, call us at (206) 279-2112 or contact us online.


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