Platelet-rich Fibrin Hair Restoration in Bellevue and Kirkland, PRF in Bellevue and Kirkland

Platelet-rich fibrin, or PRF injections, are a newer hair restoration and regeneration treatment. While platelet-rich plasma, or PRP,  has succeeded in hair regeneration, PRF has a higher regenerative potential for hair loss. Due to the high stem-cell quantity found in PRF treatment, Kirkland hair restoration patients can have healthy, full, and voluminous hair through PRF injections. At PRP in Seattle, our doctors deliver the best non-surgical hair restoration treatments, and PRF injections are a top solution to begin restoring luscious, thick hair. 

Overview of PRF Injections for Hair Hair Regeneration

Non-surgical hair restoration has two treatment options: medications and injections. PRF treatment is an injectable treatment that promotes hair regrowth and restoration. Like PRP therapy, PRF injections are taken from the blood and spun through a centrifuge. However, the elements in PRF are different than those in PRP.

PRF injections are a revamped form of PRP injections. Instead of plasma, the injections isolate the fibrin in the blood. Fibrin is a protein found in the plasma. It’s an insoluble protein that responds to blood loss and is activated to clot the blood and heal wounds. This makes fibrin matchless at promoting rapid healing and cell regeneration. PRF injections also contain a high count of stem and white blood cells, which result in better healing and growth over time. These factors make PRF injections the best at healing and restoring issues all over the body. 

Benefits of PRF Injections

Many patients can benefit from PRF injections for hair loss. It can help treat male and female hair loss, hair thinning, and baldness. Other potential benefits of PRF hair loss treatment possibly include: 

  • Thick, volumized hair 
  • Promotes hair regeneration 
  • Reverses damage to hair follicles 
  • Regenerates tissue 
  • Promotes collagen production
  • Fast, efficient treatment 
  • Restores volume to thinning or balding hair 
  • Minimally invasive 
  • Low risk treatment 
  • Minimal recovery time 
  • Promotes healing in the scalp and other areas of the body 
  • Performed by a leading Kirkland cosmetic surgeon 

Differences Between PRP & PRF Hair Restoration in Bellevue & Kirkland

While both PRP and PRF injections are incredibly effective for hair restoration, PRF injections have a possibly higher probability of regenerating the hair follicles. They differ in many areas and can both benefit Bellevue hair restoration patients. Here are some of the key differences between PRP and PRF hair restoration therapy: 


PRP InjectionsPRF Injections
  • Faster processing speed
  • Contains a lower amount of platelets 
  • Contains only plasma platelets
  • Growth regeneration has a faster rate due to the fast release factor 
  • May contain anticoagulant agents to prevent blood clotting and speed up growth time
  • Less costly than PRF
  • Highly successful in treating hair loss
  • Slower processing speed
  • Contains a higher amount of platelets
  • Contains fibrin protein, stem cells, and white blood cells
  • Growth regeneration has a slower rate 
  • Does not contain anticoagulant agents, because fibrin promotes blood clotting and restoration 
  • More costly than PRP 
  • Higher chance of successfully treating hair loss than PRP injections

PRF Hair Restoration Kirkland Treatment 

Every Kirkland PRF hair restoration patient will have a consultation with a provider at Seattle Plastic Surgery. The consultation is brief and is often combined with the treatment day. During the consultation, our providers will ensure that PRF is the best option for their hair loss and better understand the patient’s goals. Additionally, the patient’s medical history and lifestyle will help to ensure the patient is suitable for the treatment.

After the consultation, our providers will draw the patient’s blood and spin it on a centrifuge. The centrifuge separates the fibrin, white blood cells, and stem cells. Because a larger amount of elements are being isolated, the centrifuge is spun at a lower speed. This will allow the stem, fibrin, and white blood cells to remain intact as the centrifuge separates them. Once the PRF injection is spun correctly, our providers will disinfect the scalp and can apply numbing medication or perform a nerve block. The PRF treatment is injected through tiny needles that help prevent damage or discomfort to the head. The process takes around ten minutes, from the spinning to the injecting.

PRF Hair Restoration Before & After

A Before photo of PRP With ACell Hair Restoration by Dr. Javad Sajan in Seattle, Bellevue, and Kirkland


An After photo of PRP With ACell Hair Restoration by Dr. Javad Sajan in Seattle, Bellevue, and Kirkland



What Does PRF Hair Restoration Recovery Look Like? 

There is very minimal downtime required after a Bellevue PRF hair restoration treatment. Most patients can return to their daily lives following the session. It’s common for the scalp to have some redness or tightness for a few days after the injections. Our doctors will provide instructions for scalp care and promote the best results. Some instructions are as follows: 

  • Avoid exercising for one day
  • Do not swim, use a sauna, or submerge your head in water for one day 
  • Wait at least 24 hours before washing your hair 
  • Avoid smoking or nicotine use 
  • Do not touch or pick the scalp 
  • Avoid tension on your head and keep the hair loose 
  • Do not take pain medication that can thin the blood, like aspirin or ibuprofen for one day 
  • Use Tylenol for any discomfort 

The provider may recommend lifestyle and diet changes depending on the patient. Additionally, they may suggest specific vitamins or restoration treatments if necessary. 

Will I Need More Than One Session? 

PRF Bellevue hair restoration provides a treatment plan including six treatments that are scheduled six to eight weeks apart. These six treatments promote the best benefits and results from PRF hair restoration. After this, patients can schedule a maintenance treatment yearly. However, patients do not have to use the package of six, but it is highly recommended.   

What Are The PRP Hair Restoration Risks? 

 Because the injections are created from the patient’s blood, the treatment is natural and has no serious risks. However, some patients may experience side effects like swelling, bruising, and minor tenderness for a few days after the treatment. Additionally, patients with thin bleeding disorders, blood clot disorders, or permanent blood thinners may not be suitable for the treatment. 

How Much Does Kirkland PRF Hair Restoration Cost? 

PRP in Seattle’s package of six PRF treatments costs $4,500. If a patient chooses this package, the maintenance treatments are $1,000. If patients wish to schedule their own treatments, the PRF injections are $800 per injection. 

When Will I See The Results?

It’s common for patients to start to see results around the three-month post-treatment mark. However, every patient is different, and the rate at which results become visible can vary. However, most patients see the final results six to twelve months after starting PRF treatments.


The Best PRF Hair Restoration Treatment In Bellvue & Kirkland  

PRP in Bellevue is a top hair restoration center that offers PRP and PRF injections as non-surgical treatments for hair loss. PRP In Seattle helps patients regain their confidence and restore their hair through PRF injections by hosting some of the best cosmetic surgeons and providers. PRF hair restoration is an innovative, leading treatment that provides volume and body to thinning or balding hair for all Kirkland and Bellevue patients. 

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