The master estheticians at PRP In Seattle have undergone extensive training and expertise in advanced esthetics. This includes those with platelet rich plasma. Our estheticians have taken the extra step in becoming “Master Estheticians” which means that they underwent more medically focused education and training than a typical esthetician. This qualifies them to perform more invasive and extensive skin care procedures within like those with PRP.

Platelet rich plasma requires a skilled provider in order to ensure a good result. Our master estheticians understand PRP in Seattle’s dedication to results and our PRP protocol. Platelet rich plasma isn’t something that will show you results after one treatment. But, with repeated PRP skin care, our providers will provide you with the gold standard of care to treat skin conditions and improve the quality of your skin.

Along with platelet rich plasma, our skin care providers perform and received esthetics training for procedures such as chemical peels, dermaplaning, and laser resurfacing. You can easily combine these treatments with PRP based skin care. Based on your skin needs, your master esthetician can craft a treatment plan that includes the treatments that will offer your specific skin the rejuvenation you desire.

The PRP treatments performed at PRP in Seattle include:

In a consultation, they will ask about your medical history, your skin concerns, and the general condition of your skin. From there, they will customize your PRP treatment plan. Our goal is to address your specific skin concerns and so that it fits your skin type and tone.

To schedule your consultation with a Seattle master esthetician, call us at (206) 279-2112 or contact us online.

A Portrait of Master Esthetician Kyla Walker


Master Esthetician

A Staff Photo Of Master Esthetician Turi


Master Esthetician

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Master Esthetician

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Master Esthetician

Microneedling With PRP Case #1

A 33-year-old patient came to Seattle Plastic Surgery wanting to reduce acne scarring and rejuvenate her skin. A master esthetician performed microneedling with PRP to restore her skin.

Microneedling With PRP Case #2

Patient is a 59-year-old male who came to us with concerns about aging. He elected for a series of microneedling treatments with our Master Estheticians. Impressive results are shown after only 4 spaced treatments.