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Hair Grafts vs. PRP Hair Restoration

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When it comes to Seattle hair restoration, there are surgical and non-surgical methods that can achieve a good result. The most common hair restoration surgery includes hair grafts, which can have various techniques. In general, this surgery involves taking hair from one part of the head or body and transplanting it to the thinning areas. Non-surgical methods include various types of injectable PRP therapies

At PRP In Seattle, we specialize in these non-surgical hair restoration methods. Although, our surgeons, Dr. Sajan and Dr. Jonov, do perform surgical hair restoration. Due to the varying causes of hair loss, good candidates for the two methods do not necessarily overlap.

Hair grafting is most commonly performed for patients with more advanced hair loss. At a certain point, PRP hair restoration is not effective and surgical methods can better treat more advanced stages of hair loss. It is a more invasive procedure and does not necessarily stimulate the growth of new hair. It focuses on maintaining your current and transplanted hair.

PRP hair restoration uses growth factors, platelet rich plasma, and sometimes other ingredients to stimulate new hair growth. This is great for men and women experiencing thinning hair and the beginnings of larger hair loss. 

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