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PRP Hair Restoration: How To Restore Hair?

By | Hair Restoration, Platelet Rich Plasma

Hair restoration comes in many forms. From surgical hair transplant to non-surgical PRP injections to prescription medications, there are many Seattle hair restoration methods available. With so many options, patients may become overwhelmed with the options and not know which ones are best for them. This can leave them simply asking, “How to restore hair?”

The right way to restore your hair will depend on the current state of your hair. If you have just started seeing hair loss and thinning, non-invasive treatments like prescription medications and PRP injections may provide the results you are looking for. If your hair loss is in more advanced stages, hair transplant surgery may be required. Occasionally, patients will find the best results from combining methods. For example, it is not uncommon for patients to take prescription medication after hair transplant surgery, or during PRP hair restoration. 

PRP hair restoration is a great option for men and women beginning to experience genetic hair loss. It can also supplement the results of hair transplant surgery and other hair restoration methods. Every hair restoration patients require a customized plan catered to their individual needs. 

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