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Can I Use Minoxidil After PRP?

By | Hair Restoration, Platelet Rich Plasma

Hair restoration can be a long and frustrating process. PRP hair restoration is one of the newest, non-surgical options for slowing hair loss and thinning. However, many patients have used or are using other hair restoration methods alongside PRP. Let’s look at one particular combination, “Can I use minoxidil after PRP?”

In most cases, it absolutely fine to use minoxidil after PRP hair restoration. Though, you should wait until you have healed. Usually, you can resume minoxidil use two to four weeks after your PRP hair injections. Combining treatments like this is often recommended for those who want to maintain their results as long as possible. 

Working together, these two hair regrowth methods can help you restore and maintain hair. While this is not necessarily true for all people, most experts agree that combining treatments is not only safe, but recomended in many cases. Discuss your goals and plans with your hair restoration experts and they will help craft a customized treatment plan.

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