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Does PRP Work For Surgical Scars?

By | PRP Skin Care

Platelet rich plasma treatments such as PRP microneedling and injections can help address the look of acne scars. Additionally, surgeons have used PRP in surgery for decades to help promote better surgical incision healing. However, does PRP work for surgical scars that have already healed?

Yes, PRP can help improve the appearance of healed surgical scars. PRP microneedling and laser resurfacing with PRP can help reduce the prominence and pigment of the scar. With that said, it cannot fully remove a surgical scar. Combined with other non-PRP treatments like radiofrequency or chemical peels can also help.

For fresher scars, patients may see better results when treating surgical scars. Though procedures such as microneedling should not be performed until the scar has fully healed over, which is usually at least three months after the procedure. However, the scar is still forming which makes this the sweet spot for treating surgical scars.

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