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Is It Possible To Regrow Hair Without Transplant?

By | Hair Restoration

Hair restoration makes up an important part of the medical and aesthetic industries. People—especially men—want to prevent hair loss and maintain their hair for as long as possible. In the past, the only way to effectively restore hair long term was hair transplant surgery, which still is performed today (albeit an improved version). So, is it possible to regrow hair without transplant?

The answer depends on a few factors. First, what is the cause of hair loss? Hair loss due to genetics, age, certain medical treatments, and medical conditions can sometimes be restored without surgery. Though, it often necessitates continued treatments over the course of several years. This could include topical medications or coming in once or twice a year for treatment. If the hair loss is due to trauma, restoration becomes more complicated.

Secondly, how advanced is the hair loss? The more advanced the hair loss, the more likely that surgery becomes necessary for long lasting results. If it is still early on, a patient may see success with non-surgical treatments.

Finally, what are the patient’s goals? Not every patient needs to restore an entire full head of hair. Some want to simply address their hairline or certain areas. The right treatment will depend on what exactly the patient wants to achieve.

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