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PRP In Seattle: Is Platelet Rich Plasma Safe?

By | Platelet Rich Plasma

In the last decade, platelet rich plasma has become a more popular and known medical and cosmetic treatment. Relatively new when it comes to medicine, some patients find themselves wary of PRP because they have never heard of it before, or they are hesitant to inject it. This leads to the question: is platelet rich plasma safe?

Platelet rich plasma is a substance found in the human body, more specifically in human blood. It contributes to the clotting of blood during the healing process and is an indicator that prompts the body to send a healing response. Therefore, it is extremely rare for an allergic response to occur. That said, hyaluronic acid (commonly found in dermal fillers) is also found in the body and some patients are allergic to it. 

A specific difference in these treatments should be noted, however. The hyaluronic acid in fillers does not come from the patient’s body, while PRP does. This makes the risk of a reaction so minute it is nearly impossible. 

Otherwise, the main safety concerns of platelet rich plasma injections are similar to any other injection you may receive. PRP injections and treatments are largely considered some of the safest and least invasive procedures. 

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