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PRP Microneedling Seattle: Does Microneedling With PRP Tighten Skin?

By | Platelet Rich Plasma, PRP Skin Care

Tighter skin is a common skin goal among patients. With age and environmental damage, the skin loses elasticity. This can cause wrinkles, sagging skin, and dullness. Many procedures and treatments can aid in achieving more youthful elastic skin. No procedure can totally restore skin elasticity, however, they can promote your body to produce more elastin, the protein mostly responsible for skin elasticity. Does microneedling with PRP tighten skin?

Microneedling–whether with PRP or without–stimulates the growth of collagen. Sometimes called collagen induction therapy, microneedling also encourages the body to create more elastin. While this cannot completely diminish fine lines and wrinkles, microneedling sessions can improve their appearance. 

If started before wrinkles become deep, or skin sags to the point of needing a facelift, microneedling can have an even greater effect. The increase in collagen and elastin can work against the production of wrinkles and improve the quality of the skin. Especially when combined with other treatments like a zombie laser peel or chemical peels, microneedling with PRP can make a difference in skin tightness.

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