PRP Injections

Filler injections are a well known non-invasive treatment known to fill out facial hollows and provide a young, plump look to the skin. Most facial fillers consist of hyaluronic acid–a natural substance already found in our body. However, not everyone is a suitable candidate for fillers or want to place them in the first place. PRP can work as an alternative to traditional dermal fillers.

Platelet Rich Plasma offers an all natural solution where you can feel assured that your body will not reject the filler. Derived from your own blood, PRP stimulates collagen production because it is extremely rich in hormones, growth factors, proteins, and platelets. These nourish your skin and tissues to produce collagen which can provide permanent filling of areas you would normally get filler.

The injectors at Seattle Plastic Surgery are trained specifically to perform PRP injections. They understand that Platelet Rich Plasma is a protocol, not just a treatment. Our injectors will help you plan a custom plan for your PRP injections in Seattle.

PRP For Tear Troughs

PRP injections for the tear troughs help fight dark circles and can create a fuller looking under eye. Platelet Rich Plasma will trigger collagen production which will brighten your skin and even out your under eyes.

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