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How To Maintain Hair After PRP Hair Restoration

Maintaining hair restored after a treatment like platelet rich plasma hair restoration can pose a challenge, or some anxiety about losing more hair. Luckily, there are many ways to promote and maintain healthy hair. 

Firstly, our plastic surgeons and injectors recommend yearly touch up treatments. This recharges the PRP and stem cells in your body which keeps your hair and scalp healthy. Some may require more touch up treatments than others. Your provider can help you determine the optimal schedule for your hair restoration treatments and touch ups. 

Secondly, using over-the-counter hair growth options can help maintain hair after treatment. These options may not work for some patients, however, if you had moderate success with these products in the past, they may help keep your results looking healthy and full. 

Finally, laser caps can keep your hair follicles stimulated between PRP treatments and after you stop getting regular injections. Wearing the cap just a few minutes everyday can contribute to a fuller head of hair.

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