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Hair Restoration Questions: Is PRP Hair Restoration Permanent?

There are many hair restoration options available. From hair transplant surgery to over-the-counter medications, hair restoration comes in many forms. At PRP In Seattle, we offer injections of platelet rich plasma for hair growth. One of the questions our patients often ask is, “Is PRP Hair Restoration Permanent?”

The answer is not entirely straightforward. In most cases, a hair restoration procedure, restores the hair lost, but cannot totally stop hair loss. PRP hair restoration can slow hair loss, but patient’s will eventually see hair loss again. However, with continued treatment, extensive hair loss can often be delayed.

If hair loss is not due to genetic factors like male pattern baldness, PRP hair restoration results may last much longer. Occasionally, a PRP hair restoration treatment may be performed on patients who experienced trauma, were on medications that cause hair loss, or other similar reasons. In these cases, PRP hair restoration can contribute to new hair growth and fill in any patchy bald spots.

All in all, PRP hair restoration slows hair loss and can have long lasting effects. Dr. Javad Sajan and Dr. Craig Jonov can assess if you are a candidate for PRP hair restoration in Seattle. To schedule a consultation, call us at 206-279-2112 or contact us online.

Dr. Jonov is a specialist in cosmetic surgery, focusing on procedures for the face, breast, and body at PRP in Seattle Seattle.