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Hair Restoration Kirkland: PRP Hair Restoration For Women

Hair loss related to genetics and aging is usually associated with men. However, women also experience hair loss and thinning related to age and genetics. Like male pattern baldness which is a genetic condition that causes predictable hair loss patterns, female pattern baldness occurs in women.  Female pattern baldness typically occurs along the hair part in what is described as a Christmas tree pattern. In contrast from men, women usually do not experience a receding hairline. PRP hair restoration for women can treat female pattern baldness and slow hair loss.

When treating female hair loss, your Seattle PRP injector will customize the injection sites to fit the pattern of hair loss. While PRP cannot reverse genetics, it can slow the pattern of hair thinning and restore some of the lost hair. This promotes fuller looking hair for longer.

Other than treating differing areas, PRP hair restoration for women is similar to the treatment for men. Many patients see results after four sessions and some choosing to continue maintenance treatments to prevent future hair loss.

The majority of PRP hair therapy patients are men because their hair loss is usually more evident and visible. However, many women struggle with hair thinning and loss without  non-surgical hair restoration options catered to them. To schedule a consultation at PRP In Seattle, call us at 206-279-2112 or contact us online

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