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PRP Hair Restoration Bellevue: How Much Hair Can Be Restored With PRP?

As a non-surgical hair restoration technique, patients often find themselves gravitating towards PRP hair restoration. However, not every patient experiencing hair loss or thinning is a good candidate or may have questions about how much hair can be restored with PRP. Our plastic surgeons and PRP experts can examine your pattern of hair loss and its causes to determine PRP hair restoration would provide a satisfactory result.  So, how much hair can be restored with PRP?

The best candidates for PRP hair restoration are people who have begun to see the early effects of hair thinning and loss. For patients who have lost a large amount of hair, PRP can supplement other methods. Although, a hair transplant may ultimately be necessary for the best results. 

That said, PRP hair restoration can have dramatic results, especially when used in conjunction with medications like minoxidil. Hair thinning as a result of male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness is one of the most common uses of PRP hair restoration. Patients in their twenties and early thirties often see noticeable hair thinning which PRP hair restoration can slow and restore. This can allow patients to have fuller hair longer and generally slow the loss.

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