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What Is The Best Hair Restoration Method?

With countless hair restoration options and techniques, when looking for the best one, it can become an overwhelming task. Ultimately, the best hair restoration largely depends on the type and extent of hair loss you have experienced. The hair restoration experts at PRP In Seattle can determine the right hair restoration method for you. 

First off, oral and topical medications may slow down the early process of hair loss or thinning. These options do often result in some hair restoration, but often require taking them constantly or in frequent bouts to keep results. They can supplement other hair restoration efforts. 

Secondly, non-surgical methods such as PRP hair restoration, laser options, and other less invasive techniques can often treat mild to moderate hair loss in men and women with the early signs of pattern baldness. Some of these may require multiple treatments or occasional refreshment, but they do offer a great option to slow hair loss. 

Finally, for men and women with more extensive hair loss, may be good candidates for hair transplant surgery. This surgery takes donor hair–usually from the back of the head–and transplants in the areas of loss. The surgery is typically extremely effective and can recover a good amount of hair lost. 

With that said, it is important to note that regardless of any procedure, genetics will continue to cause hair loss. Utilizing multiple techniques and consulting with a professional can slow and minimize genetic hair loss. 

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