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Can PRP Help A Receding Hairline?

A receding hairline is one of the most relevant cosmetic concerns for men and some women. It can start sometimes as early as high school or college in those with a genetic predisposition. Most men will experience a receding hairline to an extent, but the severity and visibility of it will depend largely on their genetics and various other factors. Since there is little to do to stop a receding hairline, our patients often ask, “Can PRP help a receding hairline?”

The answer is yes, but the way it will help will be different for every individual. Though, most PRP experts agree that platelet rich plasma injected into the areas of loss can maintain the current position of your hairline and slow down the overall loss. Depending on how long ago you lost hair further up in your hairline, it may even result in some restoration. 

The hairline is a tricky area to restore non-surgically. While possible, patients will usually see the best results if they start treatment as quickly as they can once they notice their hairline receding. This will likely yield the best results.

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