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Does PRP Work For Frontal Hair Loss?

Frontal hair loss is most common in men experiencing male pattern baldness. Generally, male pattern baldness begins along the hairline and slowly recedes backward and inward. If a man wants to slow his hair loss, it is imperative that he take action during these early stages. However, it is not always clear what the best treatment for this is. Let’s look at the common question, “Does PRP work for frontal hair loss?”

The answer to this question depends on the stage of hair loss a man is at. At a certain point, only a certain amount of hair can be recovered. Though, platelet rich plasma hair restoration does work for frontal hair loss. Studies have shown that it is comparable to prescription medications such as minoxidil. In fact, our providers will often recommend using medications and undergoing PRP treatments for the best results.

If the hair loss is more advanced, it’s unlikely that the hairline can be completely restored. Usually, within six months to a year of when the hair was originally lost, the follicles have a good chance of recovery. Though, this is highly dependent on the individual patient, their platelet count, and genetics.

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