DHT, or dihydrotestosterone, is a reproductive hormone found in men and women. Though, it is more associated with men and found in higher levels in men. While DHT is actually vital for hair growth around the body, it can end up miniaturizing the hair follicles on the scalp and cause pattern baldness. Your DHT levels do not need to be elevated to this, it all depends on the receptors and genetics. So, since PRP is an effective hair loss treatment, does PRP block DHT?

Platelet rich plasma does not block the production of DHT, but rather reverses its effects of it. Since DHT miniaturizes the hair follicles, PRP restores them to their normal size. This process does take time and is ongoing, which is why most PRP patients benefit from yearly PRP injection sessions to maintain their results.

Inhibiting DHT altogether is not recommended for all patients, especially women. Therefore, PRP and other non-surgical hair restoration treatments offer an effective way to reverse and slow the effects of DHT hair loss.

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