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Why Is Hair Loss More Common Among Men?

Men and women both suffer hair loss for a variety of reasons. However, when it comes to age-related and genetic hair loss, men tend to have it much worse. Women can certainly experience genetic hair loss, but it is less common. So, why is hair loss more common among men?

The reason that genetic hair loss affects men more than women comes down to a testosterone-related hormone known as dihydrotestosterone. Men and women have this hormone, but it is in much higher levels in men. Having higher levels of DHT, or other genetic factors can cause the hormone to attack the hair follicles. This makes them smaller and damages them, which causes the hair to fall out and no hair to grow back in its place.

The hair follicles most susceptible to DNT are those along the front and top of the head. This is why a receding hairline and loss of hair on the top of the head are the hallmarks of male pattern baldness. And, thus, this is why hair from the side and back of the head–which are resistant or less susceptible to DHT–are used as donor hairs during a hair transplant.

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