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Does PRP Microneedling Work For Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks occur when the skin stretches or contracts with weight gain, weight loss, pregnancy, and other conditions. Many people become self-conscious about their stretch marks and may use various topical products to help them fade. However, even with new stretch makes, these results are often minimal. Let’s look at another option and answer the question, “Does PRP microneedling work for stretch marks?”

First, it is essential to note that it is easiest to treat recent stretch marks. You will see more effective results, though older stretch marks can also be helped in some cases, but the results will not be as dramatic. When undergoing a PRP microneedling session, the treatment stimulates collagen over and around the stretch marks. This helps the skin heal and contract to fade the stretch marks over time.

It often takes several sessions for stretch marks since they are not a traditional scar or skin. Therefore, it can take much longer than usual to see results, even with this effective method. Some people choose to supplement with PRP injections to treat deeper into the skin. 

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