Platelet Rich Plasma

Can You Increase Platelet Rich Plasma Naturally?

Platelets and plasma are both components of blood. When mixed in with blood, it is not necessarily the platelet rich plasma we use in treatments. When mixed in the centrifuge, the platelets and plasma settle together. However, due to the versatility and healing properties of platelet rich plasma, people sometimes ask, “Can you increase platelet rich plasma naturally?”

Technically, yes, there are ways to increase the number of platelets in your blood. Some medical conditions do cause low platelet counts and natural methods can help increase them. Though, in people with normal platelet levels, the increase is usually mild. Also, increasing platelets will not really help your hair, but it is always a good idea to eat well and follow a good diet. 

Dietary changes and vitamins are the two main ways to increase platelets. Some foods such as dark leafy vegetables, rice, seafood, strawberries, and more. You will want to avoid aspartame and quinine. Otherwise, you can take certain supplements, but this is not necessary for people who do not have a low platelet count.

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