Hair RestorationPlatelet Rich Fibrin

How Long Does It Take PRF To Absorb?

PRF—which stands for platelet rich fibrin—is a substance that is derived from the patient’s blood and re-injected to promote a healing response. This can help restore hair and repair hair follicles. It can also help rejuvenate skin and add natural looking volume. Patients often want to know, “How long does it take PRF to absorb?”

PRF absorbs quickly, but the effects can take several weeks to become visible. Like with PRP, multiple sessions are often needed to obtain the desired results. This is because while PRF absorbs quickly, the healing and collagen response that it sets off lasts for weeks. Due to this, it may seem like it is slow absorbing.

PRF is slightly slower absorbing than PRP. This is because an anti-coagulant is added to PRP and thus it contains only the plasma. The clotting in PRF does mean it absorbs slower, but also induces a stronger response than PRP alone.

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