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How Long Does It Take To See PRP Facial Results?

A PRP facial can refer to a few different procedures including PRP microneedling or a traditional facial with platelet rich plasma added. This can help rejuvenate and improve the skin on the surface level and may help promote collagen production. However, immediately after, your skin is obviously not in the final state since the PRP is sometimes still visible on the skin. So, how long does it take to see PRP facial results?

Generally, after two weeks, you can consider the results of your PRP facial final. However, many patients undergo more than one facial to see longer term effects and better results overall. Thus, if you undergo a procedure such as the glow up package with PRP or plan to undergo a series of treatments, you may see some results following an individual procedure, but your final results will not come until a few weeks after your last PRP facial.

Meeting with a master esthetician can help you gain an understanding of when you can expect to see results following a PRP facial. For most people, the initial results of a singular treatment is between one and two weeks.

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Dr. Jonov is a specialist in cosmetic surgery, focusing on procedures for the face, breast, and body at PRP in Seattle Seattle.