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Can A Receding Hairline Grow Back With PRP?

A receding hairline is a common problem among men of all ages but becomes more of a problem as a man ages. Not only can this make a man look aged prematurely, but it can cause drops in self-confidence and mental distress. Thus, there are several hair restoration solutions presented to men experiencing a receding hairline. One of them is platelet rich plasma hair restoration. Let’s look at the question, “Can a receding hairline grow back with PRP?”

Platelet rich plasma injections can help repair hair follicles damaged by hormones—the driving force behind male pattern hair loss. However, it may only be able to restore some of the lost hair, especially if the hairline has receded significantly. Though, each patient will respond to the treatment differently and thus some may see more hair restoration than others.

In short, though, PRP can help restore a receding hairline. The injections can also help slow the process of hair loss. Younger men tend to respond better to treatment than older ones. Though, your provider can help you understand and gauge the results you can expect from PRP hair restoration in Seattle.

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