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Can I Comb My Hair After PRP?

PRP hair restoration does not come with as many restrictions as a hair transplant surgery. However, patients will need to follow some instructions to promote the best possible results. A common question asked by patients who undergo PRP hair treatment is, β€œCan I comb my hair after PRP?”

On the day of the procedure, do not comb or touch the hair. After 24 hours, patients may lightly comb their hair, but should not use pressure and keep the comb from touching the scalp. After a few days, patients can return to their full hair care routine including showering, combing, and styling.

While there are no hair grafts to dislodge, there are a few reasons patients need to refrain from combing their hair after PRP hair restoration. First, the scalp may feel tight and irritated. Combing can worsen this and be generally uncomfortable for patients. Second, the patients want to use caution not to damage the scalp in any way as this can hinder the process. Finally, even if combing does not cause an adverse effect, it is better to use an abundance of caution.

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