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Is Too Much PRP Bad For Hair?

Platelet rich plasma is a substance derived directly from a patient’s blood. Therefore, when applied topically or injected, it is unlikely to cause any problems. While it may not offer negative effects, the worst that happens is that it simply does not work. However, this can make patients ask, “Is too much PRP bad for hair?”

Generally, when undergoing PRP hair restoration, a patient undergoes multiple sessions spaced about four to six weeks apart. The number of sessions varies. Now, the PRP itself is unlikely to be bad for hair growth. However, if the injection sessions are performed too close together, this could potentially hinder healing and hair growth. 

It is important to let the scalp fully heal between sessions. The PRP helps the hair follicles heal the damage caused by hormones. Thus, if any hindrance to hair growth occurs, it may be due to sessions performed too close together rather than the platelet rich plasma.

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