Platelet Rich Plasma

How Can I Maximize My PRP Results?

The results of any platelet rich plasma procedure often come in gradually. This is why multiple treatments are needed. But, is there anything patients can do to maximize their PRP results? While there are no guaranteed ways to improve the results, patients can help create the optimal environment for good results and promote the best possible ones. Here are a few answers to the question, “How can I maximize my PRP results?”

#1: Eat Well & Stay Hydrated

PRP treatments rely on the body’s natural healing process. Therefore, making sure to keep the body nourished and healthy will ultimately help promote the best results. In some cases, a high protein diet may help, but it is not necessary. Hydration also helps keep the skin healthy which is vital for most PRP procedures.

#2: Alternate Procedures

Depending on the specific PRP treatment, sometimes alternating the PRP treatment with a non-PRP treatment can help maximize results. For example, starting with PRP microneedling and then getting a chemical peel a few weeks later and so on can provide optimal results.

#3: Protect Treated Area From The Sun

Whether the face or the scalp, it is important to keep the treatment area out of and protected from the sun. This may include wearing hats, applying high SPF sunscreen, and avoiding activities that would involve a high amount of sun exposure.

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