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PRP Injections Seattle: Do Platelet Rich Plasma Injections Hurt?

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Platelet rich plasma injections have a variety of uses and purposes. The most common use of PRP injections is for hair restoration. This repairs damaged hair follicles and work to promote new hair growth. It also is used as an under eye filler that can stimulate collagen production. When seeking out one of these procedures, patients are often concerned about the possible pain of the injections. Do platelet rich plasma injections hurt?

During a procedure that uses platelet rich plasma injections, some pain is expected. However, in most cases, no anesthetic is necessary. However, during hair restoration, multiple PRP injections are administered quickly after one another. This can cause irritation and more pain than with a simple injection. Therefore, a topical anesthetic is applied to ease this discomfort. Occasionally, your provider may choose lidocaine.

For a procedure like PRP for tear troughs, patients can usually choose whether they want a topical anesthetic or not. The injections do not hurt more than other filler injections in the area would. 

While patients may experience some pain from PRP injections, it is minimal and easily addressed using topical anesthetics or lidocaine. To learn more or schedule a consultation at PRP In Seattle, call us at 206-279-2112. You can also contact us online using any of our contact forms or chat.