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Bellevue PRP Injections: How Do They Work?

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Injections of platelet rich plasma have been used for decades for a variety of purposes. In the beginning, they were used for therapeutic purposes to treat injuries and arthritis. These treatments increased the body’s healing response, collagen formation, and other factors that could speed up the healing process and lead to less pain. In more recent years, platelet rich plasma injections have become a staple in cosmetic and plastic surgery.

Surgeons–both general and cosmetic–used PRP on incisions to ease and speed healing. Eventually, plastic surgeons and injectors began using PRP in innovative ways that allows PRP In Seattle to offer cutting edge Bellevue PRP injections servicing the Seattle, Kirkland, and Bellevue areas.

PRP for tear troughs is an alternative to dermal fillers under the eyes. Many prefer this treatment because PRP comes directly from your body and over time it can build enough collagen. In ideal cases, this can mean that patients can discontinue injections and enjoy long term results.

At PRP In Seattle we also utilize PRP injections for the revolutionary non-surgical BBL that uses PRP in the formula. Platelet rich plasma boosts the effectiveness of a typical non-surgical Brazilian butt lift can stimulate collagen production even weeks following the procedure. Bellevue PRP injections can achieve many cosmetic goals. 

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Causes Of Hair Loss & What PRP Hair Restoration Can Treat

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Hair loss is often associated with aging or illness. While these are two reasons hair falls out, there are many other causes of hair loss. Luckily, with the many PRP hair restoration options, many causes of hair loss can be treated with non-surgical methods. 

As mentioned above, age is frequently associated with hair loss, especially in men, known as male pattern baldness. Age is the leading cause of lost and thinning hair.. In these cases, a person will experience slowly thinning hair, sometimes beginning in their early 20s. Most of the time, PRP hair restoration is a great way to discourage thinning hair and keep hair longer. You must start treatments before completely bald because the treatment becomes ineffective once hair follicles become fully inactive aka baldness.

Genetics also play a role in hair loss. For those predisposed to lose their hair, they may start younger than others. If caught early, PRP hair restoration can reduce the amount of hair loss seen. 

Other causes of hair loss include medical conditions and hormonal imbalances, pregnancy, certain medications and treatments, stress, and even some hairstyles. Normally, once these conditions or situations are addressed, the hair will begin to come back (although likely different from before). PRP hair restoration may supplement this process or treat bald or thinning spots. 

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