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Does Insurance Cover PRP?

By | Hair Restoration, PRP Injections

PRP injections for cosmetic challenges offer incredible benefits for many patients. Many patients experience beautiful restoration to their hair or completely rejuvenate their skin. However, the treatments can seem expensive, and many wonder if PRP injections are covered by insurance. 

Unfortunately, PRP injections are not covered by insurance. This is because it has been FDA-approved as a cosmetic treatment. However, this is only because PRP is relatively new to the world of hair loss and cosmetic restoration, but the success rate of the treatment speaks for itself. While insurance may not cover PRP, it’s more cost-effective than other hair loss solutions or facial procedures. Getting ahead of your hair loss can prevent significant and costly procedures like a hair transplant. 

Most patients only require one maintenance treatment a year after the initial injections, so the upkeep is not unmanageable. Additionally, many providers offer specials and payment plans to help every patient achieve their hair restoration goals. 

At PRP in Seattle, the providers work with all patients to help them plan for PRP treatments and receive the best hair restoration. 

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When Is The Best Time To Start PRP Hair Injections?

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PRP hair restoration therapy can provide thick, voluminous hair for patients with hair loss. While there is no perfect time to begin PRP injections for thinning hair, many patients wonder if there is a better time than others to start the treatment. 

Typically, the patients who benefit from PRP injections the most begin the therapy in their early thirties. In your early thirties, your hair follicles will respond better to the injections and produce more hair than other patients. Patients over thirty-five have sometimes reached a point in their hair loss that PRP injections cannot reverse. However, that is not always the case, as each patient has unique needs and goals. There have been many successful PRP hair restorations for patients over the age of thirty-five. 

Overall, the best time to start PRP injections for hair loss is when your hair begins to thin, or your hairline starts to recede. The faster you can begin treatment at the first signs of hair loss, the more successful the PRP injections will be. Before getting PRP hair restoration treatment, talking to your provider to see what would work best for you is crucial to ensure it’s the best option.  

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How Many Times A Year Should You Do PRP Hair Injections?

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PRP injections are a safe and effective way to promote natural hair growth for those suffering from thinning hair. Patients who seek PRP hair injections typically undergo three sessions, spaced about six weeks apart, to see the best results. They can be extremely beneficial to those who want fuller, healthier hair.  But do you have to maintain PRP injections? If so, how many times a year should you get PRP hair injections? 

The consistency of maintenance depends on each individual patient. The severity of hair loss, genetics, and age affect the maintenance required with PRP hair injections. However, typically it’s recommended to get one to two PRP injections every year to keep up with the results. Maintenance treatments every six to twelve months are all that’s typically needed to keep the results from the initial three sessions. 

Dr. Jonov can recommend his expert advice on your specific maintenance based on your needs and anatomy. Maintenance for PRP hair injections is not extensive and is relatively easy to keep up with. 

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Does PRP Have Long-Term Side Effects?

By | Hair Restoration, PRP Injections

Many people seeking PRP injections for hair loss have concerns about the longevity of the treatment and any negative side effects that could stem from the injections. If they are long-lasting, why are they packaged? What are the risks involved? 

PRP or platelet-rich plasma injections are made up of blood cells that have more platelets than normal. They promote healing, regeneration, and growth throughout the body. This makes them a great solution for hair loss, or an alternative to filler injections. 

PRP therapy is priced in packages by many clinics, including PRP in Seattle, to ensure the therapy has long-lasting results. Patients who have multiple sessions, after the first one begins to fade, see results that last up to two years. Maintaining PRP injections is easy, and does not require monthly treatments, and the effects are well worth the sessions. 

While rare, there are a few long-term side effects of PRP injections, such as scar tissue, injury to the blood vessels, and injury to the nerve. Most of these long-term side effects can be avoided with a leading, PRP therapy clinic like PRP in Seattle. 

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Recovery After A Non-Surgical BBL In Seattle

By | Platelet Rich Plasma, PRP Injections

A non-surgical Brazilian butt lift does not require surgery or general anesthesia. However, it does necessitate a short recovery period and some instructions to promote the best results. Your plastic surgeon will make sure you understand the instructions for your recovery after a non-surgical BBL.

Firstly, you will need someone to drive you home after the procedure. Some patients choose to take an oral sedative, which impairs their senses enough that they are unfit to drive. Even if no sedative is taken, patients should not drive as it may be uncomfortable immediately following the procedure.

Secondly, you should refrain from sitting on your buttocks for at least 24 hours. Your plastic surgeon can provide the ideal timeline based on your procedure. It takes time for the PRP, filler, or other components to settle and sitting could cause them to become misplaced.

Thirdly, some side effects from the injections are expected and normal. These can include: swelling, bruising, redness, and pain at the injection site. Based on the size of Zombie BBL or non-surgical BBL you wanted, there may be some immediate results. This will vary by patient and results should become more visible in the coming months.

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Non-Surgical Brazilian Butt Lift in Seattle, Bellevue, and Kirkland

The Zombie BBL: A Revolutionary Use Of PRP

By | Platelet Rich Plasma, PRP Injections

Platelet rich plasma has many uses in the cosmetic industry. At PRP in Seattle, we find and utilize PRP in revolutionary ways meant to serve our patients in new and innovative ways. The prime example is our non-surgical Brazilian butt lift, or as we call it, the Zombie Brazilian butt lift. In this procedure, our PRP experts inject a proprietary blend of PRP, dermal fillers, and donated fat to plump and shape the butt, like a traditional Brazilian butt lift.

This decreases the risk of a Brazilian butt lift and provides a non-surgical alternative. Additionally, the combination of augmentation methods promotes collagen production. This can lead to longer lasting and natural results. 

This use of PRP is one that PRP in Seattle has pioneered to decrease the risk of Brazilian butt lift procedures, while increasing the results that patients can see. The Zombie BBL procedure requires a cosmetic surgeon experienced in PRP to perform, like Dr. Jonov at PRP in Seattle. This revolutionary use of PRP can provide you the backside you want without liposuction or surgery.

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