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PRP In Seattle: How Long Is Recovery After PRP Injection?

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PRP injections are used in the medical and cosmetic fields. In the medical field, they can promote healing of certain injuries and sometimes relieve pain long term. In the cosmetic industry, PRP injections are often used to promote collagen production and restore volume in targeted areas. At PRP In Seattle, we use injections of platelet rich plasma during hair restoration, non-surgical BBLs, and PRP for tear troughs. With many procedures available, patients often want to know, “How long is recovery after PRP injection?”

Generally, patients will experience some pain and tenderness in the injection area for a day or so following the procedure, similar to other injections. Otherwise, the recovery will depend on the procedure. Most of the time, patients can return to their daily lives. They may want to take it easy for a few days for their own comfort. Sometimes with hair restoration, they may also experience some mild swelling which can improve with rest. 

The non-surgical BBL will require a longer recovery time than the aforementioned procedures. However, compared to a surgical BBL, it is minimal. Patients usually return to their full activities (other than maybe some forms of exercise) after a week. Unlike a surgery, patients will likely not need pain medications and can often return to work the next day. 

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Non-Cosmetic Uses Of PRP Injections

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At PRP In Seattle, we use PRP injections for cosmetic treatments such as to fill in the tear troughs or hair restoration. However, platelet rich plasma is used widely throughout the medical field for a variety of purposes. In fact, the non-cosmetic uses of PRP injections were the first discoveries of PRP’s effectiveness in the medical field. 

One of the most common non-cosmetic uses of PRP injections comes in the treatment of soft tissue injuries such as Achilles tendon, rotator cuff, and tendonitis. Injections of platelet rich plasma can speed up the healing process and the amount of regenerative cells your body produces. PRP injections may also reduce pain during healing. 

PRP injections are a frequent treatment in sports medicine to aid in the quick recovery of athletes. When treating soft tissue injuries, PRP can sometimes reduce the need for pain medication and lead to a quicker, more comfortable recovery. 

In more recent years, PRP’s use in cosmetic procedures has increased significantly. Platelet rich plasma’s effectiveness in producing reparative cells in the body means that it can have many cosmetic benefits such as stimulating hair growth and increasing collagen production. 

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