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How Does PRP Aid Buttock Augmentation?

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The use of platelet rich plasma in both surgical and non-surgical applications has occurred for decades. In fact, plastic surgeons often used PRP to help heal incisions quicker and better. However, PRP has now become a mainstay in non-surgical cosmetic procedures, including non-surgical Brazilian butt lifts. How does PRP aid in buttock augmentation?

A traditional non-surgical BBL typically uses a collagen-stimulating dermal filler such as Sculptra to provide both immediate and future augmentation. This gradual growth and augmentation are similar to the process that PRP kickstarts when injected for various other purposes. Therefore, during a zombie BBL, PRP and Sculptra are combined to promote the ideal collagen production for buttock augmentation.

Our providers can take it a step further by using other growth factors such as placental cells or ACell to promote an even more dramatic augmentation. While less consistent and guaranteed that a BBL surgery, this non-surgical solution is great for those who do not have the fat to spare, or who only want a subtle buttock augmentation.

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Non-Surgical BBL Seattle: How Does PRP Improve Non-Surgical BBL Results?

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A non-surgical Brazilian butt lift often uses a type of semi-permanent dermal filler known as Sculptra. Sculptra fills the buttocks like a dermal filler, however, it also stimulates collagen production in the area. With multiple treatments, this can create a natural volume that your body created over the course of treatment. At PRP In Seattle, we combine Sculptra with other components to improve non-surgical BBL results. How does PRP improve non-surgical BBL results?

PRP, or platelet rich plasma, is a substance in blood that when present in larger than average quantities, signals an injury. When injected along with Sculptra during a non-surgical BBL, your body will respond to the injections like it would an injury. This sends extra collagen, elastin, and other resources to the area. This promotes volume creation in the area. 

Even after the initial injections, PRP continues to stimulate collagen for the weeks following the procedure. It can increase the amount of time your body responds. This often provides better results with fewer sessions. Occasionally, our plastic surgeons may also combine ACell or other regenerative properties with Sculptra for the best non-surgical BBL Seattle offers. 

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PRP BBL: Does It Work?

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As more and more non-surgical alternatives for traditional plastic surgeries become viable and available, these non-surgical options continue to be revolutionized. PRP In Seattle offers a non-surgical Brazilian butt lift that utilizes platelet rich plasma to promote collagen production in the buttocks. It works just like and uses many of the same materials as a traditional non-surgical BBL. 

At PRP In Seattle, our plastic surgeons often combine PRP derived from your blood and mix it with Sculptra, ACell, and/or donated placenta cells. This unique combination provides some immediate augmentation, but they also stimulate collagen production. This new collagen can cause long lasting volume and promote results for months following the procedure.

Many patients ask, “Does it work?” In our experience, we find that many patients find good results after a non-surgical Brazilian butt lift with PRP. Every patient’s body will respond slightly differently and patient’s will naturally see varying results. Your metabolism and lifestyle greatly affect your results. Additionally, you should follow your plastic surgeon’s instructions carefully to promote the best and longest lasting results. 

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