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How Many PRP Sessions Are Needed For Dark Circles?

By | PRP Injections

Platelet rich plasma injections have begun to be used as a replacement for fillers in some cases. The most popular use of PRP as a filler is under the eyes. The under eyes contain some of the thinnest skin on the face, making them tricky to filler with traditional fillers. Dermal fillers can create something called the Tyndall effect which creates a blueish tint beneath the skin. While avoidable, PRP does not have this same risk. Many interested patients then want to know, “How many PRP sessions are needed for dark circles?”

The number of sessions needed to see the desired results. Usually, our master injectors recommend starting with a series of three sessions. Many patients will begin to see results between their first and second sessions, though most will see results following all three sessions. 

Depending on your body’s healing and collagen response, some patients may need more than three sessions. However, it can take four to six weeks to notice the difference. Therefore, our injectors recommend waiting this amount of time between sessions and before choosing to undergo more.

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