PRP Injections

Benefits Of PRP For Tear Troughs

Platelet rich plasma treatments began as injection therapies for injuries and certain painful medical conditions. These PRP therapies are still used to treat chronic ailments like arthritis today. However, PRP injections have cosmetic benefits as well. 

One of the most common cosmetic platelet rich plasma treatments is PRP for tear troughs. The tear troughs are the under eye area where skin naturally thins and which can look tired due to genetic predisposition. A qualified injector will strategically inject PRP into the under eyes to give it a rejuvenated appearance. 

Many patients turn to dermal fillers to rejuvenate this area, and fillers are a fantastic option. In some patients, filler can cause a blue tinge to the under eyes known as the Tyndall effect. It can have many causes, but thin skin in the area is the most likely cause. While this does not happen often, for patients who experience this, filler is not the optimal option. 

There are many benefits of PRP for tear troughs. For example, PRP for tear troughs should not cause the Tyndall effect and it aids your body in producing collagen. This can treat thin skin and lead to a naturally rejuvenated under eye. PRP for tear troughs is a natural way to fill the under eye and may eventually lead to fewer touch ups as collagen latches in the area.

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