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Are There Side Effects Of PRP Injections?

PRP injections, or platelet rich plasma injections, have many cosmetic and therapeutic uses. Patients often worry about the side effects of the injections prior to treatment and ask: are there side effects of PRP injections? Like with any medical treatment, PRP injections do come with side effects that may affect some patients. 


Any injection–whether a routine vaccine or BOTOX–can cause side effects like swelling, pain, or redness. Usually, these side effects are minor and clear away within a day or two. The most commonly experienced side effects after PRP injections are these same minor ones. 


For patients who undergo PRP hair restoration, they may experience tightness in the scalp and redness similar to a sunburn. This is because patients receive a large amount of injections at once and the treatment takes place in a relatively sensitive area. 


One of the biggest advantages of PRP is that allergic reactions are extremely rare, if not impossible in most patients. Since PRP is derived from a person’s own blood, the body does not view it as a foreign substance.


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