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Stem Cell Hair Bellevue: Is Stem Cell Therapy Effective For Hair Regrowth?

Platelet rich plasma injections are a common non-surgical therapy for hair growth. Recently, new injectable methods and materials have become exciting new therapies for hair growth, including stem cells. At PRP in Seattle, we utilize two types of stem cells. Firstly, stem cells from pig bladders, known as ACell offer a stem cell hair restoration method. Secondly, we also use donated placental stem cells. When looking at the Seattle hair therapy options, patients often ask: is stem cell therapy effective for hair regrowth?

Stem cells–both in the body and when used in hair restoration–hold large amounts of potential. Often, our PRP injectors combine stem cells with platelet rich plasma. This combination of PRP and stem cells work together to repair hair follicles and contribute to hair growth. PRP induces collagen and the body’s healing processes. Stem cells lay the groundwork and foundation in the follicles to sustain and slow overall hair loss.

Overall, stem cell therapy has proven effective for hair regrowth in good candidates. People experiencing hair thinning or genetic hair loss, who have not yet reached the more advanced stages of hair loss, are often good candidates for stem cell hair restoration Seattle.

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