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BBL Kirkland: Benefits Of A Non-Surgical BBL With PRP

Non-surgical Brazilian butt lifts have become more popular. Using collagen promoting fillers like Sculptra, non-surgical BBLs can provide a good result in the right candidate. Platelet rich plasma, like Sculptra, induces the production of collagen. This collagen can then build up to support a larger booty. The two are often used together to supercharge one another for the best results. The benefits of a non-surgical with PRP make our zombie BBL, the best non-surgical BBL in Seattle.

One of the major benefits of using PRP in a non-surgical BBL is that it comes from the patient’s body. Therefore, the rejection rate of PRP injections is pretty much non-existent. This also provides a natural alternative for some patients who do not want dermal fillers, or who have reacted badly to them in the past. Platelet rich plasma injections may allow them to see results they would not otherwise.

Finally, as discussed, PRP works seamlessly with other possible non-surgical Brazilian butt lift ingredients such as stem cells or donated placenta cells. Working together, this can speed up and produce more collagen than one factor on its own. Our Seattle plastic surgeons can customize the components of your non-surgical BBL to fit your needs and goals.

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