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PRP Hair: Platelet Rich Plasma For Hair Loss Side Effects

PRP hair restoration is a non-invasive, non-surgical way to restore thinning hair and slow down hair loss. While it is a non-surgical procedure, it is understandable that some patients may be concerned about possible side effects, especially if unfamiliar with the procedure. Luckily, PRP hair injections come with relatively few and minor side effects. 

Platelet rich plasma for hair loss side effects can include the side effects of any other injectable treatment such as pain at the injection sites, bruising, itchiness, redness, soreness, and tight feeling. These are all minor and normal. Most patients see these side effects subside within a few days of their treatment.

Platelet rich plasma on its own has few side effects because it comes from your own body. This means that the chances of rejection or an allergic reaction are notably low. The most serious side effects or complication after platelet rich plasma for hair loss injections is infection or injuries to the nerves. These are also possible after any injection. 

Our Seattle plastic surgeons take every precaution to reduce the risk of side effects and minimize any you may experience. To schedule a consultation at PRP In Seattle, call at 206-279-2112 or contact us online.

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