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Hair Restoration Seattle: Stem Cell Hair Restoration Technique

Non-invasive hair restoration techniques have grown in popularity. It started with platelet rich plasma hair restoration but has grown to include other injection hair restoration procedures. Stem cell hair restoration, for example, has shown good results for many patients with thinning hair. How does the procedure differ from PRP hair restoration? What is the stem cell hair restoration technique?

From the patient’s perspective, the two procedures will look extremely similar. The only major difference is that PRP may or may not be used in conjunction with stem cells. Otherwise, both procedures consist of multiple small injections into the areas of the scalp that experience thin hair. Each comes with little downtime and many of the same side effects. Overall, they are non-invasive ways to restore hair growth.

The main difference between PRP and stem cell hair restoration is what they do when injected into the scalp. PRP is a substance found in blood that can stimulate healing. Stem cells serve as part of our body’s repair system and tackle the damaged hair follicles directly. Non-surgical hair restoration works best when you combine PRP, which stimulates the body’s natural processes, and stem cells. The stem cells used in our hair restoration are donated human placental cells. 

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