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How Long Do PRP Injections Under The Eyes Last?

When it comes to filler procedures, under eye filler is among one of the trickiest. It requires an experienced injector and can only utilize certain types of filler. The skin under the eyes is also thinner than the rest of the face, making this are more prone to the Tyndall effect. While tear trough filler is still a great option for filling in dark, sunken eyes, many patients and injectors alike are open to the idea of PRP for tear troughs. Since it is notably different from filler, patients often ask, “How long do PRP injections under the eyes last?”

Platelet rich plasma is a natural substance that is produced in blood. When injected, PRP promotes collagen production which can naturally fill in hollowed under eyes. Similar to filler, this takes multiple treatments. However, unlike filler, it will take time to see results. With filler, results are noticeable almost immediately, while with PRP it will take longer. 

With PRP injections, once you finish the initial treatments where you are happy with the results, you may need occasional injections to maintain the results. Otherwise, results should remain noticeable throughout the year. 

Results from PRP injections under the eyes can last for many years. Every patient will see them last a different amount of time. Additionally, some patients may need more rounds of injections to see the prolonged results they want. To schedule a consultation, call us at 206-279-2112 or contact us online via chat or contact form.

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