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What You Should Avoid After PRP Hair Restoration

Non-surgical hair restoration using platelet rich plasma does not require a full recovery like hair transplant surgery. However, patients do need to exercise some caution following PRP hair restoration injections to promote the best results. Here’s what you should avoid after PRP hair restoration.

First off, patients can usually return to work the same or the next day. You will want to limit your exercise and activity though because this can worsen swelling and bruising. Sweat getting into the injection sites can also cause infection. You should avoid these activities for at least two days post-treatment to keep yourself comfortable and prevent these side effects from occurring or worsening.

Secondly, immediately following treatment do not wet your hair or use any hair products. In most cases, it is safe to resume these activities after several hours, or the next morning. Your provider can discuss what is safe to use on your hair and scalp after PRP hair restoration in Seattle

Finally,  to promote the best results and healing, it is best to avoid alcohol and smoking in the days and weeks after treatment. Smoking, especially, hinders the healing process and it is best patients do not smoke during their entire PRP treatment regimen. Drinking is usually okay on occasion between treatments. 

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