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PRP vs. Filler For Tear Troughs

The tear troughs–also known as the under eye area–be a tricky treatment area for injections, especially filler. Due to the thinner skin in the area, the under eyes are more susceptible to the Tyndall effect and typically require a more experienced injector to perform. Platelet rich plasma is another option patients have to fill in or rejuvenate the under eyes. What are the differences? Let’s compare PRP vs. filler for the tear troughs.

Platelet rich plasma induces collagen production and promotes healing in under eyes to naturally plump the area. A few benefits to this is that the risk of allergic reaction or rejection is almost zero. It is not susceptible to the Tyndall effect and carries fewer overall risks than filler. However, it typically requires multiple sessions to see full results and may not offer dramatic results. 

Dermal fillers can create nearly instantaneous and more noticeable results. For patients with especially deep hollows, dermal fillers may be preferred because it may take too many PRP sessions to see a result. However, there is slightly more risk with filler injections than PRP. Though fillers are still one of the safest and lowest risk cosmetic procedures.

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Dr. Jonov is a specialist in cosmetic surgery, focusing on procedures for the face, breast, and body at PRP in Seattle Seattle.