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How Long Does It Take For PRP To Work Under The Eyes?

Treating dark and hollow under eyes usually consists of injections of dermal filler or platelet rich plasma. Dermal fillers will make an instant difference, though final results will take time to come in because the filler needs to settle and any swelling resolve. Still, results are typically evident in about two weeks. What about platelet rich plasma? How long does it take for PRP to work under the eyes?

If you undergo platelet rich plasma injections for the under eyes, you may not see too much of a difference immediately after the injections. There may be some brightening or filling effect, but this will likely reduce over the coming days. However, underneath the skin, PRP starts to stimulate collagen production as well as other proteins like elastin. This will continue over several weeks. 

After about four to six weeks, you will likely come in for another round of injections. This will keep the body in a constant state of healing the area, which will eventually add volume to the area. The number of sessions it takes to see the desired results will depend on your starting anatomy and your body’s response to the PRP. 

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