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How Many PRP Sessions Are Needed For Hair Growth?

Platelet rich plasma is becoming one of the most sought after and effective non-surgical hair restoration methods available. PRP hair restoration involves injections of platelet rich plasma into the scalp to induce collagen production, healing, and ultimately hair regrowth. Rarely, patients see the results they want after one round of injections. How many PRP sessions are needed for hair growth?

On average, patients begin to see hair regrowth after their second or third session. This is because platelet rich plasma induces the body’s healing process. The healing process needs time to work, which is why it often takes so long to see the first results. Beyond that, patients tend to see more substantial results in four to six treatments.

The number of sessions necessary will vary from patient to patient. Some may see hair growth following the first session, while others may take more sessions to see results. It is also recommended that patients have yearly touch-up sessions. 

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